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Offering a variety of ways to stay


Main Barn

  • 24/7 per Veterinarian

  • Stall & Run

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Group or Private

  • Individual Large Paddock 

  • Group Paddocks 

Floor Plan

Private Recovery Barn

  • Individual Stalls

  • Stall & Run

  • **Currently Under Construction**

Foggy Field

Stall Board & Runs

We offer a variety of available stalls and stalls with attached runs to best suite your horses needs. While we will not stall board 24/7 unless stall rest is Rx by your supporting veterinarian.  


Our Main Stall Barn

Regardless of which stay is right for you, all of our clients are welcome to use our main barn to store equipment, use the grooming facilities and attached arena. We offer three roomie grooming stalls, an attached 85'x140' indoor riding arena and two spacious tack rooms to store necessities while housing with us. 


Midwest Eq. uses J&J Stables facilities for housing. The main stable barn is 40'x100' with 11 stalls of varying sizes, the smallest being 10'x12'. Every stall is matted with a StakkSkin Single mat and supplied clean shavings, fresh water, salt and mineral. The stalls are made of rough cut lumber with sliding doors. All stalls come equipped with a fan, stall lights and a window. 

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With attached Turnout 

4 of our stalls have an outdoor attached turnout space. These are a great option for temporary stays that still wish to have a stall, horses in need of limited turnout, or horses needing numerous medications/bandage changes/therapies throughout the day. These are also a great option for foaling mares. 

Outdoor Stalls 

10'x12' covered lean directly to outdoor space. These outdoor stalls with turnout are off of our R&R Barn with additional options available near our Main Stall Barn. This is a great opportunity for those horses that prefer the outdoor lifestyle but current health reasons just don't allow it. Horses needing abscess treatment, needing to stay under lights, mares with foals that need restricted turnout etc. 


Paddock Board

While we are unable to offer full pasture to our non-boarding clients we hope that our Paddock Board options can be an adequate option for those looking for more of that pasture environment 


We have multiple options for paddock board around the facilities. Generally speaking these area's house 2-4 horses and are great for those who wish to bring in multiple horses for conditioning, Spa treatments and/or laser in a preventative manner. 

These areas can also be used in recovery as horses progress from stall rest to limited turn out. 

Those horses staying in paddocks 24/7 (not for turnout purposes) will have access to shelter, feed stuffs, and automatic or tub watering systems. 

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