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R&R Facility

Private Stall Barn

  • This barn is NOT open to our boarders and training horses. It is STRICTLY for clients who have animals in need of very special attention. Ex: Surgery Recovery, Founder, Tetanus, EPM etc. Where specialized stalls, equipment, climate, and environment play a crucial role in recovery

Specialized Feeding 

  • Steamed Hay 

  • Soaked Feed Stuffs

  • Limited Hay 

  • Fodder

Camera System

  • Staff is able to constantly monitor animals housed without disruption. Camera's and office viewing window will allow us to keep a close eye without distrubing. 

Climate Comfort

While we are not running a heated and cooled barn we have we have decided to insulate this barn. We do have ceiling fans planned for each stall and a forced air heating system to warm up as medically required. 

Soft Stall Matts

  • Option for Foam Filled stall matts for those animals needing the extra soft support during a lay up. 


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