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We do offer a few products that we have personally used and would recommend. 

We have inventory on hand and are willing to order if we don't have exactly what you are looking for. We are able to offer shipping if you are not able to pick up. Our store's main objective is to carry high quality items, supplements, and nutritional supplies to help your equine athletes. 

Dr. Choice Supplements 

Equishine Pellet

Ration Balancer to deliver esentail vitamins and trace minerals

Jump Start Pellet

Ration Balancer for breeding stock, young/growing horses or older compromised horses

Super E

Highly concentrated Vit E for Compromised or highly stressed individuals. 

Myo-Ease Plus

Designed to support a normal metabolism and achieve a healthy weight in horses with a metabolic condition. 

Joint Ease

Joint Support (Clucosamine, Chondroitin/Yucca)


Supports hoof and skin integrity


Herbal Equine mood enhancer - great for mares and geldings. Beneficial for horses on stall rest.

Head Start Plus Colostrum

Highly absorbable vitamins and minerals along with prebiotics and probiotics, and contains Bio-Mos. Ideal for all foals or those born vitamin mineral deficient, weak, or those on medication for long periods of time. 

Hay Chix

Half Bale Nets

Perfect for travel and in stalls

Small Bale Nets

Great to hang in paddocks and/or stalls for additional feed

4', 5' & 6' Large Bale nets

Perfect for feeding on pasture. 1",,  to 2.5" net sizing available. 

Replacement Parts

Additional Carabiner Clips, Bucket Straps, etc. 

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