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Our Services

Midwest Equine is able to offer a variety of therapies and rehabilitation exercises. 

Everything we offer has both a scientific background verification to success as well as treatments, products and therapies that we have used with results. 

We invite you to explore the services we have available, ask us any questions and discuss with your veterinarian to see if what we have to offer can help! 

Supportive Therapies

Strength & Conditioning

General exercises to help condition a performance athlete, strengthen performance athletes and build back strength on injury recovery patients. 



Free run 6 horse 55' horse exerciser. Allows speed variation, direction control in a fiberglass fencing system.


Ground Pole Exercises

Utilizing our 85'x140' covered arena we are able to do ground work OR under-saddle trot pole exercises and walk and trot. 


Natural Mobility

Hill climbing and water workouts are available options with our facility location. 

Rx Recovery

Does your horse need some extra attention or a specific lifestyle while recovery from elective or emergency surgery or a non-contagious / non-Quarantine required illness?

24/7 Stall Rest

Ability to keep horses on Stall rest with progression to small turnout through healing process. 

Medication Administration

Ability to give oral, IM, Sub Q or IV medications 

Bandages and Wound Care

Regular bandage changes, cold hosing, wound cleaning as prescribed by supporting Veterinarian



Hay Steamer & Other Dietary Options

Midwest Equine has a hay steamer, willing to soak hay and feed soaked feeds and supplements as needed. 


Breeding & Mare/Foal

With our stall set up we are able to keep breeding mares in under lights. This is seasonally offered beginning in October. We do also offer foaling sized stalls for foals that need special care/treatment as listed above. We do also have stocks at our facility for pregnancy and heat checks with a veterinarian. 


Environmental Comfort

If we are able we do our best to accommodate additional comforts for various illness/injuries per individual. For example, we offer fans on every stall, raised feed if needed, dark and quiet stalling capabilities etc. 

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